Thursday, 8 January 2009

I am geek.

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I just really really really love this.

(And also, I totally apologise.)

Also, for googling (because everyone should see this) Torchwood, Captain Jack, Joss Whedon, Russell T Davies, Doctor Who.

I am geek. I have no shame.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


I am writing an essay on infant development and parenting with reference to Winnicott, Bowlby, Klein, and Stern.

Or am I:

Doing the washing up
Making chicken soup
Organising my school timetable
Putting a wash on
Making tea
Eating Ferrero Rocher
Fiddling on Facebook with new Facebook friends
Thinking about first therapy session after Christmas
Emailing the husband
Looking for books on the library system
Printing out photos
Calling work

What I like to think is that my unconscious has to have time to process and digest so it can come up with the incredible insight from which my essay will be formed.

And I think I'm largely totally right about that.

Now, anyone for a quick game of Scramble?