Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Now I do hope you all have a very very happy new year.

These are my new year's wishes to you.



I wish you lots of nice food and drink including fun nibbly things like Cheesey Footballs or Twiglets and alcoholic things like Gins and Tonics or Champagne. And if you do not drink, I wish you freshly squeezed orange juice, or whatever you would most like really.

I also wish you lots and lots of laughing, maybe generated by ridiculous games or ridiculous people or just lots of general hoo-hah and silliness.

I wish you Interesting Stuff. Stuff that you find Interesting. It might be archaeology or physics or kittens or soft furnishings. I quite like the yoof. They keep me on my toes.

And also I wish you curiosity, calm, joy, love and snoozing. 

And of course, tea.

On reflection, 2008 has been a teensy bit challenging. But right now, right this second, I feel kind of okay about that. 

It is probably because I am still in bed.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Do the thing! Do it!

There is a lovely thing!

It is here and it is made by the brilliantness that is Stray. She is making a film. She is often doing exciting stuff like that.

ANYWAY. Go! Look! It is about things that matter! Like puppies and tea and fields!

Also, I was 30 yesterday. And hub made me eggs benedict. And it was really very tasty.