Friday, 31 July 2009


I have The Swine Flu.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh. Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuuuugh. And other words ending with "gh".

To be honest, it is not at all bad and in fact rather a lot like having Not Swine Flu.

In other news, hello! I have been not blogging. This is because I have been busying by doing two jobs, being a studing, and also doing a voluntary placement. But now, I am on my summer holiday, and so have time to have things like Swine Flu. And also, do baking.

You might be pleased to know that my garden has been shortlisted for a city-wide (city-wide I say!) gardening competition. To celebrate, here is a picture of my potatoes.


CoatMan said...

You'll be baking... potatoes...?

MissTickle said...

Well hello CoatMan.

Actually, I baked Welsh Cakes. And bloody nice they were too.

(The potatoes are also jolly tasty.)

Fiona said...

Hurray to have you back Miss Tickle! I am also with new blog (though still a bit lovely, I hope). Is more professional and serious type blog. But yours is better.

MissTickle said...

Oh lovely Fiona, I have admired your new grown-up blog from afar, and would not want to get into a competition with you over it. Let us say that we are both marvellous.

Fiona said...

Yes! Is very grown up, and unsweary. Such is my professional demeanour, you see. But you have been sorely missed around these parst. I hope the swine flu clears.