Wednesday, 22 July 2009


I am breaking my literally many-months-long silence to do a wee spot of pimping.

I do like a bit of pimping. In the sense of "hey I found a nice thing", not so keen on the street corners and physical violence stuff. That's just my way.


Please do have a small look at What's In A Name. It is amusing and an ever-so-clever concept. I like it.

Also, it is possible that this summer I will be a little more forthcoming in the blogging stakes. Because I am ON HOLIDAY!

And it is good.

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McBöbø said...

Nice pimping Miss T. I always think the names in my spambox sound like characters in my next novel.

From today's collection we have:

Maximina Tina - the sort of Latin girl how wears a fruit cocktail on her head

Nichole Pia - a prim Afro-Caribbean with a clipboard she likes to tap with her ballpoint pen

Natalya Scarlett - Well if that name doesn't say "woman of the night" I'm sure I don't know what does!

Louella Noella - today's star name, Louella has a PhD in astrophysics and an international modelling career

Plus, they'd all like to help me with watches, diet pills and help make the old ding dong even bigger. Bargain.