Friday, 18 May 2007


Have I ever mentioned that I am obssessed with buttons?

When I was a little girl, my mum used to make dresses and so we were quite often in haberdashery type shops. All the buttons were kept in small, see-through plastic drawers. You could see all the hundreds of different coloured buttons winking away. I used to steal them. We would get home and my mum would find my pockets full of buttons.

Hub just bought me a bracelet with buttons dangling from it.

It is so lovely that here is a link to the button jewellry lady.

*Admires bracelet. Jingles it a bit*

I really love buttons.


Angela-la-la said...

What a beautifully, buttony bracelet.

(I hope this means things are less wobbly, my love x)

Cheerful One said...

I have some button jewellery, and this morning I freecycled a huuuuge pot of buttons.

Here endeth the button news.

Anxious said...

My nan used to have an old ice-cream tub full of buttons and I used to love sifting through them.

That bracelet is fab - bless your hub for combining your love of buttons with a delightful gift!

Anonymous said...

aww it's gorgeous! but i don't mean to sound like a nag.. but please try not to nibble it, i swallowed a button once and it wasn't pretty! xxx

Miss Tickle said...

FB: Things are a bit less wobbly. Thank you xxx

Cheerful One:Hoorah for buttony jewellry! And if only I were in your neck of the freecycling I would have snapped it up...

Anx:That's exctly it! The feeling of buttons through fingers. Mmmm.

Rachel:You poor thing. I love buttons, but I would not eat them. (Although button-shaped cake - a different matter...)